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Loading... is a fun and exciting multiplayer unblocked io game from the creators of the great EvoWars and BrutalMania. You control a small giant in this title (yes, there is something like that!); You should try to grow your size and try to eliminate the other players in the arena.

You need to collect items around the maps and chests, these crates give you prizes and provide cool weapons and armor for your giant to use in battle. Can you build a powerful giant and dominate the land with terrible attacks? If you want you can play this game unblocked at the school! The right address of the most beautiful games!


Various characters that can be used with different status bonuses
Your character can equip gears from crates
You can upgrade gears
Fast paced arena war game
Top-down 2D graphics
Press LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to attack
Press the right mouse button to increase your movement speed

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